Wholesome Pt. II

Please use your common sense when shopping for produce at Whole Foods. And by that, I mean, when veg are stacked like the beets and parsnips are, don’t grab one from the bottom, unless you enjoy making a fool of yourself and getting “stink eye” from the produce clerk. After buying a veal chop or filets of wild king salmon, or maybe a whole free-range duck, treat yourself to a cup of gelato from Hawaii’s own A Latta Gelata. If you decide to lunch first, try thin-crusted pizza by the pound, made fresh in the very visible wood-burning oven. And those concerned with getting lots of intestinal microflora will appreciate the enormous yogurt selection.

People are asking, “Isn’t it expensive?” It completely depends on what you are buying. Dry goods–i.e. oil, cereal, flour–are definitely pricier than most supermarkets here, but produce, especially “gourmet” items like fresh shiitake mushrooms, blood oranges, and radicchio, tends to be cheaper (broccolini at Foodland is $6.99 each; WF sells it for $2.99). And don’t buy milk here, not unless you are unwilling to make another grocery stop and will gladly pay $9 a gallon.

I got my new toy, a Sony CyberShot W120, this past weekend, so please enjoy the pictures below (click to enlarge) and bear with me as I experiment with macro capabilities!


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