If you’re like me and haven’t been to any of Thomas Keller’s restaurants, keep reading.

If you’re like me and are an absolute freak about restaurant menus, keep reading.

Six months or so ago, I left a comment on the French Laundry website requesting that they post the menus so that prospective diners have a clear idea of what Chef Keller’s cuisine is about.

I’m sure it is not purely my doing, but the brilliant webmasters for Thomas Keller Restaurant Group have in fact begun to post gorgeous PDF menus for both the French Laundry and Per Se, its New York twin, both of which are updated daily, yes, daily. It then struck me as odd and then consequently irritated the hell out of me to remember that town (Ed Kenney’s place) has the worst restaurant website I have ever come across–why can’t they post their menus? How rude.


One response to “Menu FREEEEK.

  1. They have been working on the websites for a while, so everyone can get a glimpse of what we do daily. Every detail in a 3 star michelin restaurant is covered.

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