Holy cannoli. Lots of tragedy this week…restaurant-related, I mean, nothing to do with the awful stuff going on in India. As a side note, I work with several physicians from India and hope their families are safe.

Back to business.

Erika Engle from the Star-Bulletin reported yesterday that Harbor Court Bistro, in that cursed Palomino-Cassis spot downtown, is closing today, unsurprisingly. They seem to be citing the lack of a permanent liquor license and their temporary license’s revocation by the residential tenants of the building. That shouldn’t matter if the food is up to snuff, since BYOB restaurants all over the country continue to thrive. Just saying…

Earlier in the same article, Alan Wong is pulling his name from the Hualalai Grill, and both sides deny that it has anything to do with the economy (which the most recent reports say has ever such a little glimmer of hope).

Probably the one that evoked a rare gasp out of me was the news Gael Greene, better know as the unapologetic, sensuous “Insatiable Critic,” was let go from New York magazine, where she had been reviewing restaurants and publishing her undeniably influential words for 40 years. People here likely don’t have a clue who she is, but as a long-time subscriber to the magazine and harsh critic myself, I admired her no-nonsense prose. Happily, she will still have her blog.


(The only turkey I have ever liked was The Alley’s cola-brined breast. Lord knows what I’ll be eating today…)

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