Wholesome Pt. II

Please use your common sense when shopping for produce at Whole Foods. And by that, I mean, when veg are stacked like the beets and parsnips are, don’t grab one from the bottom, unless you enjoy making a fool of yourself and getting “stink eye” from the produce clerk. After buying a veal chop or filets of wild king salmon, or maybe a whole free-range duck, treat yourself to a cup of gelato from Hawaii’s own A Latta Gelata. If you decide to lunch first, try thin-crusted pizza by the pound, made fresh in the very visible wood-burning oven. And those concerned with getting lots of intestinal microflora will appreciate the enormous yogurt selection.

People are asking, “Isn’t it expensive?” It completely depends on what you are buying. Dry goods–i.e. oil, cereal, flour–are definitely pricier than most supermarkets here, but produce, especially “gourmet” items like fresh shiitake mushrooms, blood oranges, and radicchio, tends to be cheaper (broccolini at Foodland is $6.99 each; WF sells it for $2.99). And don’t buy milk here, not unless you are unwilling to make another grocery stop and will gladly pay $9 a gallon.

I got my new toy, a Sony CyberShot W120, this past weekend, so please enjoy the pictures below (click to enlarge) and bear with me as I experiment with macro capabilities!


Wholesome, Pt. II to come

Well, I wouldn’t be much of a food-obsessed gastrophile if I didn’t do some sort of write-up on the spankin’ new Whole Foods, but before I do I’ve got to go out and get my very first digital camera ever, hopefully today! Then I can take pictures for this blog and the magazine (and the student paper) and finally offer some sort of visual aid to my ramblings. Check back on Tuesday!

Don’t believe that sign in front of Momomo that they’re closed for renovations this month–they’re closed for good. Turns out they had been four months behind on the rent and filed for bankruptcy. The good news is that Sabrina’s Restaurant (my workplace) has been approved to take over the spot starting in November!!! And like I stated before, Buon Amici has also shuttered its doors. Surprise, surprise.


Whole Foods opens today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


In my poor boss Stefano’s quest to find another spot for Sabrina’s Restaurant, he was offered the Momomo space (you know it, that jet black restaurant on Wai’alae) and the Buon Amici space–it’s closing BTW. I never saw too many customers inside. Too bad. Maybe if Sergio’s chef Alfredo Lee had stayed on board the trattoria-ish place might have survived, not unlike how if Rachel Weisz had actually been Evelyn O’Connoll in the third Mummy movie it mightn’t have been a bomb. Who knows?

On the topic of vacating and filling, the lease signs on what used to be TGIF have been taken down…anyone know whuz going on?

And nobody knows, so it’s sad, and I’m sure you’re sick of hearing this name, but Tangö is open for breakfast every day now from 7 a.m (8 on weekends as usual). I’m headed there tomorrow mornin’ for either Ani’s French toast or plättar, those little Swedish pancakes that resemble miniature crêpes.

For those interested and previously informed, Gusto Examiner is in salvaging stages. Stay tuned.


Amid settling into my new job and keeping up with food news both locally (not much) and nationally (much) and trying desperately to salvage my faux-magazine, I have been felled by an unknown ocular illness that is keeping me from driving around…and I’m hungry as hell for good food!!

Perhaps it has something to do with the U.N. headquarters being situated there, but New York’s political controversies and battles have carried into the culinary world. Check out what six city chefs would prepare for either presidential candidate. Jacques Pépin is the man, not only because he’s a mean chef but because of what he says about McCain. And that’s as much as you’ll hear of my political standpoint.


Maybe because it’s past midnight and I’ve had a very long, draining day at work and I just came home from a 2.5 hour movie, I’m a little cranky. But spanking-new Harbor Court Bistro has one of the most unimaginative menus I’ve read: crab cakes, mushroom risotto, chicken piccata, Greek pizza…where’s the “cutting-edge contemporary cuisine” advertised?? The chef may be French-trained, but unless execution is top-of-the-line, it doesn’t mean anything. Hale’iwa Joe’s and Jackie’s Kitchen are poor, poor qualifications, both restaurants being mediocre at best (it’s really bad if a chain restaurant closes here). Maybe after a six-hour slumber and a few meals there I may be inclined to feel different. But I’m not counting on it.

On a happier note, for frogs’ legs and quail eggs, those little delicacies chefs dream about?–You’ll find them at Pacific Supermarket in Waipahu. And if you think that Alaskan sockeye salmon that’s got foodies going gaga is something, you simply have not tried wild king salmon. For its rich flavor it’s worth the extra expense while it’s in season (say about $12 per filet that’ll feed just two), and get on down to Marukai Wholesale on Nimitz. The sockeye’s there, too, if ya want. Happy eating!

Tangö 2, continued

Göran admitted to me he’s not quite sure what the opening date of Tangö To Go will be, but he–and his realtor–is serious about taking the soon-to-be-completely-vacated ‘Alakea Deli on the corner of ‘Alakea and King. It’s really the perfect location: very visible with lots of both foot and automobile traffic. In the 1000 square foot spot he hopes to serve casual breakfast and lunch fare similar to Tangö‘s, and carryout-only complete dinners for those too tired after a busy day to cook. Hopefully everything works out, but Göran says he wants to finish improving the “flagship” (those plans we all heard about way back when it opened about having breakfast every day and offering outdoor seating are still in slo-mo) before he puts energy into creating a new place.

Still waiting for that spicy tuna…